Thursday, May 05, 2005

..lyf's great..

if only there's a cure for anxiety... no matter how hard i try not to worry about things, i juz can't help myself.what's worst is that all my fears and worries are unfounded and immaterial! it's eating up most of my time. i end up spaced out...(cguro nga may konti akong naipon at nakabili na ko ng sarili kong MUNDO). if some people are called the'warrior' who fyts for their life..then i gez i would have to be the 'worrier' who worries about life... im sure, one way or the other people have worries too, but that's different. mine are senseless...i ought to do something about this but im too weak to fight nor resist it.. at times i would think that i love being in this situation, that's why i always get myself to worry...success is sweeter once achieved after torturing myself with all those worries.. *sigh*...(i've read from this novel that there are people who can't admit to themselves that they long for the feelings of uncertainty and despair) i was kinda hoping that i was like that, one gud reason would that i won't have to whine about every single worry that i have! arrrghhh! i worry of wat others have to say or think... (well for one, kaya nga others...kzed ko kilala so y worry about them)... or wat the future myt bring (kaya nga future kze d pa dumarating, so deal with the present...kaya rin present kze it's a gift na dapat i-treasure once given)... i worry about the past... (past is past, can't go back and change it, can't do anything about the past...hay nakakaloka!) here i go again...i need a shrink..iv got to get myself some professional help...*deep sigh*


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