Wednesday, March 09, 2005

keeping it real...

i can't have it all... things don't always go my way... the more i expect, the more disappointed i get... i can never change someone according to wat i want, that person is d only one who could change himself... m n d process of learning how to compromise... dey say it's a give and take... this futile mind of mine keeps dictating that im doing all the work but in reality it's d other way around... i know iv got to put an end to this and soon!


Blogger periwinkle --- twelvefifteen said...

ganon nga yata talaga tayong mga babae, napaka-idealistic. we want things in place,and our perspectives to be almost perfect. nothing's wrong naman with that.. kaya lang siguro nga parang lumalabas na selfish act yon, kahit hindi naman talaga.

bull! what's wrong kaya with tagboard no? kakainis!

8:21 PM, March 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Waaah I keep forgetting you're not in Lj anymore! Why what's wrong cuz? If you need to talk, I'm just online on ym in the evenings. *hugs* :)

9:17 PM, March 15, 2005  
Blogger BitterCaramel said...

@aoitenshi, hi cuz... well it's hard dealing with my fears but in time i gez i start to feel more secure with him :) it's thought of him being wid his barkada (n a girl) that's killing me although there's nothing really fishy goin on...u know paranoia heheheh oh well i have to outgrow dis soon...miss yah

5:03 PM, March 16, 2005  

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