Monday, February 07, 2005

sullen sunday

it's been a dull saturday and an even duller sunday... my head really hurt from last saturday,i slept at around 5am...doin wat? nothing! juz sulking on the sofa, trying to figure out how to make my life better...txting a frend who seems to have no choice hehehe. there i was juz staring up at the ceiling...can u blame me? i wasn't used to body was tired but my mind wasn't. there wasn't anything worth watching on tv, our fone is not working, everything seems to have walked out on me...even our dvd player doesn't work!!! 1001...10002...1003...1004 wat's wat? uh oh...the counting? that's juz me lulling myself to sleep...1099...1100... *dis guys in love with u pare* that was my message tone alert... i got a msg from my frend whom i was txting earlier...ohh good for hm, he's still alive n kickin... where was i? 1101...1102...
*i woke up with the sun shining on my face* everyone else in the house were so sis in law who's goin to the gym, my mom goin home to d province... my brothers...ahhh there's my youngest brother nicely tucked into his bed and so is my kuya...oh well i was left wd no choice but to go bak to sleep hehehe... wen ol 3 of us woke up since we've got nothing to do we decided to juz watch a movie... not on the big screen...not on the tv neither - but on our computer (our dvd player isn't working rmmber)

im not really into chi or korean novelas, nor chinese and korean movies...since we've got nothing else better to do we watched MY SASSY GIRL...


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