Wednesday, February 09, 2005


my brothers were fooling around last night...i wasn't even able to get a decent i juz txtd my frend...i felt much better coz my frend was stil up n was generous enough to spare me some of his time...things...stuff...have been bothering me lately...

finally the sandman has come hehehe...despite staying up late i still woke up early not knowing y... im so darn depressed...(my frend n his hubby are caught up in a big fight, my frend n her bf broke up, a batchmate died...wla namang reason maging sad diba?) and to make things worst, my beloved dentist left for the states... OMG!!!! i have developed this fear for doctors, needles, blood etc etc... and in my 22 years of existence wala akong ibang pinagkakatiwalaang dentista kundi sya! sya lng ang kaunaunahang doctor na nakapag extract ng ngipin ko! unang nakapaglinis ng ngipin ko! overreacting?!!! i am certainly not!!!! imagine d fear i feel wenever i get close to a clinic or hospital at ako ang pasyente...iv never been hospitalized n my whole life dhel sa sakit!!!! i feel like crying! parang bigla nlng nawalan ako ng kaibigan! sna mas binigyan ko sya ng halaga nun nandito pa ko pa naman pati mgiging mga anak ko sa kanya ko papacheck up tapos...tapos... umalis na sya! waaaah i feel so sad!!!! can't anything be permanent in this world kahit dentist ko! i feel so terrible... un feeling na panghihinayang dhel nabuild mo na un trust! now i have to look for another and start building dat trust again...mahirap un...along d way bka masaktan ako... (para rin plang love to...)

sad ako!


Blogger bong said...

on the start of your blog entry i am building up thoughts and ideas very suitable for that but at the end of this narration,its only about a dentist!!!how sad...its much ok to symphatize with you if you have narrated about your friend who just died.anyways,i cant argue with you if that's how you feel :(

1:18 AM, February 11, 2005  

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