Wednesday, February 16, 2005


everything juz seems to be ambiguous...or is it juz me who's making it so...then y not juz spurt out the truth...ano ba tlga kuya! don't give me mixed signals! its either u do something or not do anything at all!

There is no such thing as love, only misguided emotions...
--original sin--


Blogger periwinkle --- twelvefifteen said...

I might be being too analytical about this, but if we stop ourselves and step outside the realm of contrived romanticism we’ve subscribed to for so long, we will inevitably ask ourselves upon first glance at some of these archaic rituals, “My god, what is the point of it all?”

Today I was driving behind an SUV with the vanity plate, “LOML.” The plate corresponded with the frame around it which read in all caps Comic Sans, “YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!” I can only imagine the unveiling of this two-part gift, the smothering attention to detail it took for this person to shower upon the driver of this car such lingering affection via a matching license plate and frame. That’s what love these days is to people: I declare my deepest feelings for you, represented by my investment in this P1000 piece of plastic you will screw in to the back of your car for all the world to see. May you hold it close to your heart.

People are no longer falling in love, they are winning game shows and proving to everyone they ever knew that people are willing to fight over them. Chivalry is gone, certainly we’ve sensed this for some time, but I fear that genuine love people are supposed to fall into doesn’t really exist anymore either. In our complicated lives, love has become a need for function, as if we have diverted our intentions back to those of the prairie days when women were traded and sold for their ability to breed and sew clothing. We’re now evaluating perspective life partners based on whether or not they can help us win a million dollars, or simply look good to the admiring public.

11:44 PM, February 15, 2005  

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